BTS Chibi Claw Machine

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Use mouse left click to control the claw by clicking the right and left arrow buttons Once the claw is on the desire spot click the claw button to grab your prize The prize from surprised egg can range from toys to BTS Chibi figures Be persistent to c


BTS Chibi Claw Machine is an addictive game for girls dedicated to the seven members of the BTS band. Take control of an arcade machine to win cute and exclusive chibi from the BTS universe. Show off your skills in this addictive claw machine game by choosing the right position to grab the desired items. Every click and every car will take you closer to victory, allowing you to collect a complete collection of super cute chibi figures. You can decorate your room with these sets and create the perfect ambience inspired by your favorite singers. Be persistent, collect all the chibi figures and win the hearts of all BTS fans. You will need luck,

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