Bus Driving City Sim 2022

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Drive the bus in the city with the keyboard WASD


Do you desire a bus car licence? If that's the case, you've come to the correct spot. When you have finished everything in the career mode of our bus game, you will automatically advance to the professional level. We have structured our tiers in such a way that users will progress through all of the traffic laws in a sequential manner and be required to pass many driving exams before being awarded a license to operate a bus. We are aware that you may have played a great number of other games that are similar to bus simulators; nonetheless, this particular product is unique. You will have the distinct impression that a fully loaded super jumbo bus is traveling beneath your feet, and that you are giving it the maximum amount of throttle. You may take over 20 or more contemporary euro and super sport buses for a drive in a completely open world metropolitan environment.

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