PJ Masks - Sticky Splat Soccer

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Use the mouse


Sticky Splat Soccer is the game with which today we are starting off our category of PJ Masks Games, a brand new category of Disney Junior Games for which we have planned multiple new and awesome games for you all to enjoy, one more awesome than the other one, and we highly recommend that you stick with us today, since we have not one, but five such games coming for you, one more worth your time than the other. You will be playing soccer with these heroes, and we teach you how right here and now, so make sure you pay close attention! Begin by choosing who of the three heroes you want to be. You will be the goalkeeper, having to catch all of the balls thrown at you, getting points in return for each of them you grab. There will be a point that will start extending on the lines on the right and left, and you have to click on them when they get the biggest they can so that you get the timing right and catch the ball. It is as simple as that, so don't stand around, but start playing and having fun with this game right away!

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